6 Packing Pros for Pack Rats

6 Packing Pros for Pack Rats

We’ve all been there.

It’s the night before your move-out date and you can’t seem to do anything but stare at the disheveled piles you’ve created – otherwise known as a collection of your most precious assets. Packing is today’s nightmare.

The process from here until you hit the road will take hours and since you have all night, you justify watching 1 more episode of The Office to boost your morale.

When you finally decide to start organizing your belongings, your grandma calls and not picking up would just be rude. You’re the best grandchild, just not the best mover. In the morning, your car’s resulting interior looks like a jungle gym of hangers, shoes, and those old shirts from high school you found in the back of your closet. It will stay that way for about a week because any adjustment to pull out one of those shirts will send the entire structure toppling down. An hour on the highway and you realize you forgot to remove those carpet stains, so you can kiss your security deposit goodbye.

Whether moving into an apartment or storing your belongings in a storage space, no one likes to deal with the time, hassle, or the ultimate lack of space.

While the minimalist lifestyle might be admirable, this post is NOT about why you should get rid of everything except your 10 most used items. The reality is, most of us have collected enough cherished items to require boxes, bags, and everything in between. It’s not always about how much to give up and throw away, but how to pack in a quick, convenient way.

Yes you, the single mom with 3 boys under 10 years old, there are easy ways for you to simplify your packing and unpacking process.

Here we listed out some quality tips for you, but you can also watch this clever BuzzFeed video on packing hacks.


1. Use a box cutter to create handles for your cardboard boxes.


2. Bunch your clothes together in a trash bag while still on your hangers to keep them more organized.


3. Twist a rubber band over the lock between your door handles to keep from getting locked out.


4. Using a toilet paper roll or a straw, string your jewelry through both ends and clasp the lockets on the outside so it won’t get tangled.


5. Place disposable plates between your breakable dishes for extra padding.


6. To get rid of carpet stains for a clean move out, mix hot water and ammonia in a spray bottle and apply rigorously. Cover the stain with a rag and iron over it.

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