5 Tips to Make Your Space Bigger!

5 Tips to Make Your Apartment Bigger!


If you’re living with a family in an apartment in Tulsa, Oklahoma, your space may feel more like a tiny apartment in New York! 

We understand that space is precious, so here are a few ways to create valuable “alone time” space while living in close quarters!


1. Use those LEGOs for good!


You can use a tough glue like Gorilla Glue or Sugru to glue a flat LEGO piece to the side of a coffee table, wall, coat rack, etc. Put it in a place you pass by every day. Then, attach a LEGO man or another piece to hold your keys, headphones, a phone charger or other commonly misplaced items! 
It’s a great way to recycle toys once your kids outgrow them, plus they’ll have fun setting it up around your apartment!


2. Make your own walk-in closet!


Here’s a trick to prevent your closet from looking like the inside of a vintage clothing store…

To better organize your clothes AND add 10x the space, grab an S-hook or a chain to hang up. Hook several hangers to the chain so they’re stacked vertically! 

3. Improve your bathroom storage with a shoe organizer!


After you’ve made more space in your closet with step #2, you can afford to let a shoe organizer be used for something else. Use those convenient pockets for holding various hair things that typically get tangled underneath the sink!
It’s the perfect size for combs, hair dryers, flat irons, hairsprays, etc. You can even label the pockets by name to keep each person’s items separate in a shared bathroom!

4. Add the illusion of mirrors!


Even though you may not have much wall space, it can always be tricky to figure out how decorate!

One easy way is to repurpose an old wall mirror by removing the frame. Get one or two more to go with it, hang the mirrors in a row or a square to create a sophisticated look while increasing the appearance of your living room!

5. The creative take on a side table! 


If you moved from a bigger place and have normal sized furniture, you don’t necessarily have to give it away or put it into storage to fit in your apartment! 
Literally, cut a table in half, nail it to the wall in your hallway or bedroom and boom, it’s the perfect little night stand/coffee table to set keys, books, etc.

Hope this helps inspire some ideas for your apartment! Send use your own storage and decorating ideas at
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